Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Biblical View Of Christian Liberty

   I recently had the wonderful opportunity to take my eighteen year old daughter to lunch, just the two of us.  She graduated from high school a few months ago and is starting college next week.  Her mother and I have been consciously trying to allow her more latitude in her decision making process.  We still give rudder directions from time to time, but we are trying to let her experience what it is like to be an adult and have the responsibility of making good decisions.  That is why I was very blessed by our conversation over lunch.  As we were eating she began to make some observations concerning the habits of some of her peers who are born again believers in Christ.  She began to ask me about Christian liberties in Christ and how we should view certain conduct or indulgences Christians allow in their lives?  The blessing for me is that she was thinking about her life in Christ and how her conduct would affect those around her.  The question of Christian liberty is so important that I decided to share with you what I shared with her over lunch.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Texas Governor Knows What We Need

Recently Texas Governor Rick Perry called upon Christians to gather and pray for the citizens and leaders of our nation.  The corporate prayer was to ask God to turn us around as a nation.  Governor Perry has received much criticism for his public call to meet and pray.  It is reported that Annie Gaylor of the Freedom From Religion Foundation filed a lawsuit to prevent the Governor from organizing and leading the prayer event.  Thankfully a federal judge had the good sense to dismiss the case.